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Multi-Color Brewster Angle Microscope (MC-BAM)TM enables the visualization of Langmuir monolayers or adsorbate films at the air-water interface for example as a function of packing density. It allows calculation of film thickness, in the range of 2 nm to hundreds of nm, via application of Fresnel model to the intensity map of the captured micrographs.

Applications include:

  • Assessment of Monolayer/film homogeneity.
  • Optimizing the deposition parameters of LB coating.
  • Monolayer/film behavior. Observing phase changes, phase separation, domain size, shape and packing.
  • Monitoring of surface reactions. Photochemical reactions, polymerizations and enzyme kinetics can be followed in real time.
  • Numerous biological applications.

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    • Registration of the morphology of thin (1 nm- 500 nm) organic layers at air / water phase boundary with a resolution equal to or better than 2 micrometers. (meets the requirements)
    • Computer driven motorized control of the incidence of the test beam.
    • Laser source with wide spectrum.
    • Computer driven motorized control Glan-Thomson prism polarizer.
    • Computer driven motorized control of the analyzer angle (thin film polarizer, TFP).
    • The optical system is secured by an adjustable lower end switch for vertical positioning and stabilized by vibration isolation.
    • Automatic compensation and geometric correction of background images, contrast adjustment and image filtering, as well as the ability to capture a series of frames in a video movie in digital format.
    • Determination of thickness (1 nm – 40 µm) of air / water phase films using a light source with wavelengths in the range 190-1100 nm.
    • Laser source: spatial contrast and image filtering.
    • Ability to shoot a series of stills in video film in digital format.
    • Determination of film thickness at the air / water phase boundary in the range 1 nm – 40 µm using a light source with wavelengths in the range 190-1100 nm.
    • Vertical positioning of the optical system with a resolution of ≤ 1 micrometer and a vertical positioning range of 50 mm.
    • Precision and programmatic biaxial resolution of the horizontal angles of the optical system: 0.001 °.
  • FeatureSpecification
    Angle adjustment interval of the incident beam:≤ 52 ° - ≥ 57 ° (equivalent to Brewster angle for substrates with n = 1.3... 1.54).
    Resolution of incidence angle:≤ 0.001 °.
    Continuous power of light beam irradiation source:≥50 mW.
    Light source wavelength:red (650-660 nm) or equivalent or better for this purpose.
    Laser source safety class:III b or safer.
    Lateral resolution of the imaged optical system≤ 2 micrometers.
    Recording camera type:CCD camera with horizontal ≥1360 x vertical ≥ 1024 pixels and effective resolution ≤ 0.7 micrometer / pixel (measured at 53.1 ° incidence angle).
    Field of view of the recording camera:horizontal 720 x vertical 400 micrometers.
    Angle resolution of the polarizer:0.001 ° resolution.
    Angle resolution of the analyzer:0.001 ° resolution.
    Recording Camera Refresh Rate:20 frames per second in 1x1 binning mode and 35 frames per second in 2 x 2 binning mode. 14 bits vertical position resolution.
    • Installation, training and warranty support:
    • Installation and commissioning in the applicant's laboratory.
    • Training in handling and routine maintenance.
    • Warranty support after installation and commissioning - 24 months, including all spare parts and labor.
    • Delivery includes all consumables, accessories, cables, connections and more needed for installation and initial use.
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