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C-6440-cmos-cameraThe C6440 is our most technically advanced, ruggedized, progressive scan digital camera in a compact design ideal for industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace, transportation and other applications. The C6440 incorporates a number of unique features tailored to reduce system complexity, maximize interface bandwidth, and expand the usable operational range.

The C6440 features the Sony Pregius IMX342 Global Shutter CMOS image sensor with a native resolution of 6464 x 4864 in an APS-C optical format delivering up to 35.4 frames per second and supports the following outputs: 10 GigE Vision® w/PoE (10G), 10 GigE Vision® over fiber (SFP), and 2-channel CXP-6 CoaXPress® w/PoCXP (CXP). CMOS technology eliminates smear columns from areas of ultra-bright intensity and specular reflections in uncontrolled lighting applications. The camera has excellent sensitivity, fast frame rates, exceptional dynamic range and supports strobe outputs, trigger inputs, automatic exposure, automatic gain control with multiple LUTs, and other high-value functions.

The Imperx Cheetah line provides excellent image quality with Imperx proprietary processing. In addition, Imperx puts you in control and gives you full access to raw data without corrections. Using the simple, intuitive GenICamTM compliant user interface, you can quickly apply image corrections, if desired. The C6440’s flexibility, image quality, and speed make it suitable for a broad range of diverse and demanding applications, but “one size doesn’t fit all,” and Imperx can help optimize the camera to your exact requirements.


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  • FeatureSpecification
    Resolution 6464 x 4860 (31 MP)
    SensorSony Pregius IMX342 CMOS Color/Mono
    Sensor FormatAPS-C optical format
    Pixel Size3.45 microns square
    Interfaces10 GigE Vision® w/PoE, 10 GigE Vision® over fiber, 2-channel CXP-6 CoaXPress® w/PoCXP
    Frame Rate35.4 fps (CXP), 32 fps (10G and SFP)
    Output Bit Depth8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit
    Sensor Digitization12-bit (SFP, 10G); 10- or 12-bit (CXP)
    ShutterGlobal shutter (GS)
    Shutter Speed1 μs/step; 30 μs to 16 s (SFP, 10G), 36 μs to 16 s (CXP)
    Dynamic Range71 dB
    Analog/Digital Gain ControlManual, Auto; 0 dB - 48 dB, 480 steps
    Digital Gain1x (0 dB) to 4x (12 dB) with a precision of 0.001x
    Digital Offset-512 to +511, 1 step increments
    Exposure ControlOff, manual, external, auto
    Regions of Interest (ROI)2 ROI (SFP, 10G), 1 ROI (CXP)
    Trigger InputsExternal, pulse generator, software,
    Trigger OptionsEdge, pulse width, trigger filter, trigger delay, debounce
    Trigger ModesFree run, standard, fast
    External Inputs/Outputs2 IN (OPTO, LVTTL) / 2 OUT (OPTO, TTL)
    Lens MountF-Mount (default), M42, EOS Canon
    Dimensions60.0 mm (W) x 60.0 mm (H) x 63.3 mm (L) - CXP
    60.0 mm (W) x 60.0 mm (H) x 96.9 mm (L) - 10G and SFP
    Weight530 g (SFP, 10G); 441.5 g (CXP)
    Power12 V DC (5 V - 30 V), 1.5 A inrush; Power over CXP (CXP)
    Environmental-30 °C to +75 °C Operating (SFP, 10G)
    -30 °C to +65 °C Operating (CXP with a fan ON)
    -30 °C to +50 °C Operating (CXP with a fan OFF)
    -40 °C to +85 °C Storage
    Vibration, Shock20G (20 - 200 Hz XYZ) /100G
    RegulatoryFCC Part 15 Class A, CE, RoHS
    • Compact design
    • Ruggedized
    • Global shutter
    • Wide dynamic range
    • Excellent sensitivity
    • 10 GigE Vision® with Power over Ethernet, 10 GigE Vision® over fiber, 2-channel CXP-6 CoaXPress® w/PoCXP interfaces
    • Available as Color or Monochrome
    • Ultra-low fixed pattern noise
    • Exceptional blooming suppression
    • Automatic exposure and gain control (AEC/AGC)
    • Binning and sub-sampling
    • Automatic and manual white balance
    • Internal/external exposure control
    • Programmable long exposure mode
    • Programmable triggers
    • Programmable strobes
    • Programmable look-up tables
    • Defective pixel correction, hot pixel correction, and flat field correction
    • Dynamic transfer function and gamma corrections
    • Large number of trigger modes
    • Aerial mapping tools (cross-hair superposition, mid-exposure signal)
    • Field upgradeable firmware
  • User Manual and Application Notes are available on the product download page.
  • To create your own custom Cheetah ordering code, simply choose one element from each column.
    Sample Ordering Code: CXP-C6440M-RF000 – CoaXPress interface, Monochrome, Ruggedized, F-Mount Lens, No filter option.

    InterfaceCamera NumberSensor TypeEnvironmentalLens Mount
    10G – 10 GigE Vision® with Power over Ethernet
    SFP – 10 GigE Vision® over fiber
    CXP – dual CXP-6 CoaXPress® w/PoCXP
    C6440M – Monochrome
    C – Color
    R – Ruggedized (Standard)F – F (Default)
    M – M42 (Optional)
    E – EF Canon passive (Optional)
    L – EF Canon active (Optional)

    For additional features, including filter options, contact IMPERX: +1-561-989-0006 or [email protected]
  • Software updates are available on the product download page.
  • Power Supply
    PS12V04A – Power Supply w/1 input and 1 output

    CBL-PWIO01: Cable Power; Hirose 12p (F) to loose end; 2m – Camera Power Hirose Connection

    IMPERX manufacturers a full line of industrial CMOS cameras for machine vision, imaging, broadcasting, aerial imaging, and traffic / transportation cameras. See our full line of Camera Link© and CoaXPress CMOS Cameras.