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C2420Y/Z 5 MP CMOS CameraThe C2420Y/Z camera features the Sony Pregius IMX-250MZR micro-polarized CMOS sensor with a native resolution of 2464 x 2056 in a 2/3” optical format delivering up to 97 frames per second with a Camera Link® Full, PoCL output. The sensor is available in monochrome (Z) or color (Y) versions and has a unique 2x2 pixel sub-array where each pixel within the sub-array blocks a different polarization filter angle (0, 45, 90 or 135 degrees). This allows the user to obtain images with four different polarization angles in each image capture. The camera allows the user to select and view images from each polarization angle or save raw image files with all four polarization angles. The C2420Y/Z’s flexibility, outstanding sensitivity, and speed make it suitable for a broad range of applications from reducing glare off glass, water, and painted surfaces to materials science or 3d image reconstruction.


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  • FeatureSpecification
    Resolution2064 x 2056 (5 MP)
    SensorSony Pregius IMX-250MZR
    Sensor Format2/3" optical format
    Pixel Size3.45 microns
    Frame Rate97 fps (8 bit), 79 fps (10 bit), 35 fps (12 bit)
    Digitization8, 10, 12 bit
    ShutterGlobal shutter (GS)
    Dynamic Range71 Db
    Exposure ControlOff, internal, external, auto
    Trigger ModesFree run, Standard, Fast
    Lens MountC-Mount
    Regions of Interest (ROI)2 ROI
    External Inputs/Outputs2 IN (OPTO, LVTTL) / 2 OUT (OPTO, TTL)
    Dimensions37.0 mm x 37.0 mm x 48.6 mm
    Weight91.8 g
    Power12V DC (5 V to 30 V), 1.5 A
    Environmental-30°C to +85°C Operating, - 50°C to +90°C Storage
    • Global shutter
    • High frame rates
    • Internal, external exposure controls
    • Automatic gain and exposure control (AEC/AGC)
    • Two Areas of Interest (AOI)
    • Camera Link interface
    • Two strobe outputs
    • Trigger inputs
    • Automatic and manual white balance
    • Binning and sub-sampling
    • Dynamic transfer function and gamma corrections
    • field upgradeable firmware
  • User Manual and Application Notes are available on the product download page.
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    InterfaceCamera NumberSensor TypeEnvironmentalLens Mount
    CLF – Camera Link Full C2420M – Monochrome
    C – Color
    R – Ruggedized (Standard)C-Mount (Default)

    For additional features including, no cover glass, tape cover glass, as well as filter options, contact IMPERX: +1-561-989-0006 or [email protected]
  • Software updates are available on the product download page.
  • Power Supply
    PS12V04A – Power Supply w/1 input and 1 output

    CBL-PWIO01: Cable Power; Hirose 12p (F) to loose end; 2m – Camera Power Hirose Connection

    IMPERX manufacturers a full line of industrial CMOS cameras for machine vision, imaging, broadcasting, aerial imaging, and traffic / transportation cameras. See our full line of Camera Link© and CoaXPress CMOS Cameras.