1.68 MP CMOS Camera


The Imperx CLF-C1620 line provides exceptional video image quality with Imperx proprietary processing in a wide range of environments and conditions. The CLF-C1620’s flexibility, image quality, and speed make it suitable for a broad range of diverse and demanding applications, but “one size doesn’t fit all,” and Imperx can help optimize the camera to your exact requirements. In addition, Imperx puts you in control and gives you full access to raw data without corrections. Using the simple, intuitive graphical user interface, you can quickly apply image corrections, if desired.

The CLF-C1620 features the Sony Pregius IMX425 Global Shutter CMOS image sensor with a native resolution 1528 x 1104 in a 1.1” optical format delivering up to 252 frames per second with Camera Link® Full Power over Camera Link (PoCL®) output. CMOS technology eliminates smear columns from areas of ultra-bright intensity and specular reflections in uncontrolled lighting applications. The camera has excellent sensitivity, fast frame rates, exceptional dynamic range and supports strobe outputs, trigger inputs, automatic exposure, automatic gain control with multiple LUTs, and other high-value functions.


  • Sony Pregius IMX425 Global Shutter CMOS image sensor
  • Native resolution of 1528 x 1104
  • 1.1” optical format
  • Delivering up to 252 frames per second
  • Camera Link® Base, Medium, Full w/PoCL®



To create your own custom Cheetah ordering code, simply choose one element from each column.

Sample Ordering Code: CLF-C1620-RC000 – Monochrome, Ruggedized, C-Mount Lens, No filter option
Interface: CLF-Camera Link® Full w/PoCL®
Camera Number: C1620
Sensor Type: M-Monochrome | C-Color
Environmental: R-Ruggedized (Standard)
Lens: C-C (Default) | S-CS (Optional) | I – P-Iris C (Optional) | A-P-Iris CS (Optional)

Power Supply (sold separately)
PS12V14A – Power Supply w/ 1 input and 1 output
PS12V18A – Power Supply w/ 1 input, 1 output, and a P-Iris connector

Cables (sold separately)
CBL-PWIO01- Cable Power; Hirose 12p (F) to loose end; 2m – Camera Power Hirose Connection

For additional features including, no cover glass, tape cover glass, as well as filter options, contact IMPERX: +1-561-989-0006 or [email protected].

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