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IMPERX_VCE-CLPCIe01Simultaneous acquisition from two base cameras or one medium camera using intelligent DMA for fast, efficient use of the ExpressCard bandwidth with a flow-through pipelined architecture for low latency.

The IMPERX VCE-CLPCIe01 is a professional level frame grabber that enables users to view and store in real time megapixel video images from Camera Link® sources onto desktop computers. IMPERX VCE-CLPCIe01 is capable of capturing single or multiple frames and standard AVI clips on up to two base or one medium Camera Link® compliant video source. Each captured frame can be stamped with a user message along with the date and time of capture. A full software suite that includes drivers, C/C++, SDK, and an application program is provided with each VCE-CLPCIe01 frame grabber.


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    • Supports Windows XP® / Windows Vista® / Windows 7®
    • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS
    • Supports two independent base or one medium Camera Link® interface
    • PCIe x1 compliant providing 2.5 Gbps of bandwidth
    • Intelligent scatter/gather DMA for fast, efficient use of PCIe bandwidth and system memory
    • Flow-through pipeline architecture for low latency
    • Built in CC pulse generators
    • Many advanced features including look up tables, histograms, RGB gain/offset with auto-white balance, hex pixel dump, etc.
    • Bayer pattern interpolation
    • Unique 'auto-learn' feature automatically recognizes camera parameters and simplifies CAM file creation
    • Backwards compatible with FrameLink (PCMCIA) software
    • Full software suite including drivers, SDK and application
  • User Manual and Application Notes are available on the product download page.
  • Software updates are available on the product download page.
  • Firmware updates are available in the product download page.
IMPERX manufacturers a full line of HD-SDI, Camera Link, PCI / PCI Express frame grabbers. See our full line of digital & analog frame grabbers.