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GSM UV-VIS SL1: Gonio-Spectro-MeterTM

The device has been developed for measuring the intensity of light spectrum (ranging from 350-1050nm) scattered by particles from nanometric to micrometric size range. It is a precision instrument designed for research applications where spectroscopic measurements need to be carried out from scattered light. Goniometer based design enables multi angle spectral measurements.

Light from the optical fiber is collimated via  lens system and directed to a linear polarizer and then into a scattering compartment/sample chamber containing the particles under study. The scattered light is focused onto a fiber optic cable connected to a compact CCD spectrometer. Software provided with the spectrometer analyze the amount of scattered light at different wavelength and position. The motorized rotation stage helps to take the reading at different angles. The entire operation is automated through a personal computer. Custom developed software and interfacing electronics are supplied along with the system.

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  • FeatureSpecification
          Resolution    0.05 degree
            Maximum Speed    10 degree / sec
            Traverse    280º
            Actuator    Stepper Motor    ( DPM60SH86 - 2008AF )
            Load Capacity    10 Kg
            Material    Aluminium
            Turn Table Dimension    150 x 150 x 50 mm
  • FeatureSpecification
            Spectrograph f # 2.9
            Optical PlatformConcave Grating
            Spectral Range 350 to 1050 nm
            Spectral Resolution ≤ 1 nm
            Slit OptionsMicrometer Controlled Variable Slit
            Input Fiber ConnectorSMA 905 [ FC (Optional) ]
            Input Fiber NA0.22
            Stray Light < 0.06 % @ 532nm (< 0.1% overall)
            DetectorToshiba TCD1304AP Linear CCD Array
            Pixel Number3648
            Pixel Size8 x 200 μm
            Pixel Well Depth100,000 electron
            Signal-to-noise Ratio1,000:1 (at full scale)
            A / D Resolution16 bit
            Integration Time0.1 to 6,500 ms
            Frame Rateup to 138 fps
            Trigger InputYes, Optional
            PC interfaceUSB 2.0
            SoftwareSpectra ANALYTE Includes DLL libraries and SDKs for easy custom application development
  • FeatureSpecification
    LampQuartz Halogen
    Wattage60 W
    Wavelength range340 - 2700 nm
    PowersupplyConstant Current SMPS
    Lamp HousingForced Air Cooled Type
    OpticsConcave metallic mirror
    ConstructionAluminium black Anodized
  • FeatureSpecification
    Wavelength Range190 - 1600 nm
    Numerical Aperture NA0.22
    Acceptance Angle25.4°
    Operating Temperature40 to +100°C
    Length1.5 m
    • Installation, training and warranty support:
    • Installation and commissioning in the applicant's laboratory.
    • Training in handling and routine maintenance.
    • Warranty support after installation and commissioning - 24 months, including all spare parts and labor.
    • Delivery includes all consumables, accessories, cables, connections and more needed for installation and initial use.
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