Powerful, Compact Tiger T8040 Camera Captures Fine Image Details for Machine Vision Inspection, Metrology, and Reconnaissance Applications


IMPERX, Inc., a leading global designer and manufacturer of high quality digital industrial cameras and imaging systems, announces the addition of the Tiger 43-megapixel Interline CCD camera in a standard 35mm optical format to the Tiger series of advanced digital cameras.

The Tiger T8040 camera features the new 43MP ON Semiconductor KAI-43140 CCD image sensor with 8040 x 5360 resolution and 4.5-micron square pixels in a 36mm x 24mm optical format. The camera has many lens mount options including F-mount, Canon EOS mount, and M42 mount.

The camera’s low-noise, excellent uniformity, and low dark current produce image quality that’s prized in many inspection and surveillance applications such as OLED and LCD flat panels, aerial imaging, electronics assembly, and more.

The Tiger T8040 camera has a compact body size (69.5mm x 69.5mm x 51.5mm) making it an excellent choice for applications with space restrictions and for updating older CCD cameras in existing applications.

Tiger T8040 Features:

  • Virtually no color cross-talk between pixels for excellent color metrology
  • Ultra-low dark current
  • Optional fan cooling for extended exposures
  • Camera Link Medium Interface
  • 7 frames per second at full resolution
  • Programmable and field upgradeable.

The Tiger series of cameras provides a new imaging platform supporting the latest CCD sensor designs and component technology. Tiger cameras offer a choice of ruggedized and industrial models with resolutions of 47, 43, 29, 16, 8.6, 8, and 4 megapixels and a broad range of frame rates. They use larger, faster sensors (4/3” to 57mm optical formats) and advanced processing technology to meet ever more demanding applications.

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