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    IMPERX’ Bobcat 2.0 is an advanced, rugged and extremely programmable camera series focused on the military and aerospace market.  Bobcat 2.0 cameras feature a thermally optimized design, 14-bit internal data processing, 8, 10, 12 or 14-bit selectable output, low noise and greater than 60dB dynamic range.  IMPERX uses interline transfer CCD sensors and are available in color, monochrome and TRUESENSE Sparse CFA options. All cameras use industrial grade components assuring dependable use with an extended temperature range of -40˚C to +85˚C and shock/vibration performance of >1000G/100G.  The IMPERX design is a MIL SPEC 810F product and has a certification of MTBF of > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C (Telcordia SR-332).  The extremely low power and small design is effective in small spaces.  IMPERX offers selectable mount options to support almost any lens in the market.

    Image Control – See what you have been missing….

    The Bobcat 2.0 camera line includes features such as analog gain control from 0 to 36 dB (1024 steps), pre-amplifier gain control, digital gain control and digital bit shift.  With the use of look up tables, programmable knee corrections or image enhancement, the user can see what was originally not visible. These features provide the user the ability to create the optimal image intensity and optimize noise performance. The camera will handle color adjustments and real time auto-white balance, auto-tap balance, defective and hot pixel correction, dynamic noise correction and flat field correction for an even image intensity.

    Auto Exposure/Gain

    The Automatic Gain and Exposure Controls allow the camera image to normalize in dynamically changing lighting conditions including bright sunlight, dusk, dawn, water and cloud glare.   IMPERX provides a fast convergence with histogram for a smooth transition, but extremely accurate exposure/gain control.   The user can program the minimum and maximum limit of exposure so the camera can properly throttle the gain for optimal average intensity without motion smear.

    Lens Control

    The Bobcat 2.0 cameras are compatible with a variety of lenses and lens mounts (CS, C, T, M42, F, Canon EOS, Rodenstock or any custom).  Whether the application requires: fixed focus, fixed iris, an auto-iris, auto-focus or a full 3 motor (focus, zoom and iris) lens, the camera is equipped to handle any of these options.  The lens is fully controllable through the camera GUI or SDK.
  • IMPERX manufacturers rugged, heavy-duty Military Cameras for a variety of industrial, manufacturing & business applications, including optical inspection, LCD inspection (Dead Pixel cameras), Line scan, medical imaging (endoscopy, microscopes), military, aerial mapping. Our high resolution CCD cameras are available with resolutions up to 29 mega-pixel, and are available with a variety of interfaces, including CameraLink, Gige, and CoaXPress. Our bult-in imaging processing, built-in programmable corrections, auto-exposure, auto-gain, auto-Iris control, and programmable exposure with precision up to one microsecond make IMPERX high speed CCD Industrial Cameras the global choice for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Camera Features:

  • 8, 10, 12 or 14 bit selectable output, 24-bit RGB
  • Programmable exposure with 1 µs precision
  • Auto Exposure/Auto Gain
  • 7 programmable Regions of Interest
  • Auto-iris
  • Iris, Focus, Zoom motorized lens control
  • Multiple triggering modes, PIV support
  • 12-bit LUTs


  • Auto White Balance
  • MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C
  • Up to 4 inputs, 2 outputs
  • Up to 8x horizontal & vertical binning
  • Operating temperature -40˚C to +85˚C
  • Shock > 1000g, Vibration > 100g
  • Auto Tap Balance & Pixel Correction
All Bobcats share the same feature set meant for Military & Aerospace Imaging. The most popular cameras used for
Military & Aerospace Imaging are listed below.

Contact IMPERX for detailed specifications on these or other camera models.


High Sensitivity Cameras

Model Megapixels Resolution Sensor Optical Frame Rate (FPS)
B1410 1.4 MP 1360 x 1024 ICX-285 2/3" 30
B1922 2 MP HD 1940 x 1460 ICX-674 2/3" 25
B1942 2 MP HD 1940 x 1460 ICX-674 2/3" 54
B2520 5 MP 2448 x 2050 ICX-625 2/3" 16
B2720 6 MP 2750 x 2200 ICX-694 1.0" 12.7
B2740 6 MP 2750 x 2200 ICX-694 1.0" 25.4
B3420 9 MP 3388 x 2712 ICX-814 1.0" 8.6
B3440 9 MP 3388 x 2712 ICX-814 1.0" 17.2


High Resolution Cameras

Model Megapixels Resolution Sensor Optical Frame Rate (FPS)
B2020 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04022 4/3" 20
B2021 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04070 4/3" 17
B2041 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04070 4/3" 34
B2320 4 MP 2336 x 1752 KAI-04050 1.0" 21
B2340 4 MP 2336 x 1752 KAI-04050 1.0" 41
B3320 8 MP 3296 x 2472 KAI-08050 4/3" 10.6
B3340 8 MP 3296 x 2472 KAI-08050 4/3" 21
B4821 16 MP 4896 x 3264 KAI-16050 32.36mm 4.2
B4841 16 MP 4896 x 3264 KAI-16050 32.36mm 8.8
B4822 16 MP 4864 x 3232 KAI-16070 43.2mm 4.1
B4842 16 MP 4864 x 3232 KAI-16070 43.2mm 7.9
B6620 29 MP 6576 x 4384 KAI-29050 43.3mm 2.4
B6640 29 MP 6576 x 4384 KAI-29050 43.3mm 4.7

Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Cameras

Note: Slide screen to see all options
ModelTypeSensorResolutionMegapixelOpticalSensor OptionFPSAvailable Interfaces
C2880 CMOSKAC-060402832 x 21286 MP1”M,C135 fpsCamera Link® Full, CoaXPress
C4080 CMOSKAC-120404000 x 300012 MP4/3”M,C70 fpsCamera Link® Full, CoaXPress
CMOSPython NOIP1SN025KA5120 x 512025 MPAPS-HM,C26 fpsUSB3Vision (U3V), Camera Link® Deca, PoCL

IMPERX: A Global Manufacturer & Supplier Of Military Cameras

Our Military Cameras are used throughout the world, including North America, Asia (China, Korea, Japan) Europe and India. Our Military Cameras are globally recognized for their rugged quality, high-resolution, high-speed and numerous programmable features. With 14 different output modes and numerous triggering choices, IMPERX Military Cameras are the leading global choice for the most demanding commercial applications.