Update To Discontinuance of Sony Line of CCD image Sensors

BOCA RATON, FLA – IMPERX’s updated response in regards to the discontinuance of the Sony line of CCD image sensors

IMPERX has received an update from their Supply Chain partners to share with you regarding Sony’s announcement of the discontinuance of production of their CCD image sensors. Sony has given substantial relief in their planned schedule for the last shipping date for some of the sensors. Wafers will be produced through 2017 and stored based on forecast of customer demand. Sensors will be built and shipped through 2025. However, forecasts must be presented to IMPERX by March 2016. This extension applies to all of the affected camera models listed below.

For long term projects or other critical applications, your requirements should be communicated to your IMPERX Sales Representative before the end of this year.  Sensor availability will depend on changing market factors.

IMPERX CCD Cameras impacted by the Sony Sensor discontinuance:

  • B1310: Sony Sensor ICX 445
  • B1410: Sony Sensor ICX 285
  • B1411: Sony Sensor ICX 267
  • B1610: Sony Sensor ICX 274
  • B1922: Sony Sensor ICX 674
  • B1944: Sony Sensor ICX 674
  • B2510: Sony Sensor ICX 655
  • B2520: Sony Sensor ICX 625
  • B2720: Sony Sensor ICX 694
  • B2740: Sony Sensor ICX 694
  • B3420: Sony Sensor ICX 814
  • B3440: Sony Sensor ICX 814


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Joe Neuhausel P.E.
Director of Quality Management & Operations
[email protected]