About Imperx

Imperx is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, high quality digital cameras and frame grabbers for various industrial, commercial, military and aerospace imaging applications including flat panel inspection, biometrics, aerial mapping, surveillance, traffic management, semiconductors & electronics, scientific & medical Imaging, printing, homeland security, space exploration, and other imaging and machine vision applications.

Our executive and R&D teams are recognized as world leaders in the field of digital imaging. We have quickly gained a reputation among our customers as a company that prides itself on providing technologically superior, high-quality products with a focus on customer service and technical support. We have shipped our products to hundreds of customers worldwide including Fortune 100 companies, Federal and State government agencies, domestic and foreign defense agencies, academic institutions and more.


Our mission is to become a dominant player in a vibrant global imaging market by continuing to develop innovative imaging technologies, and helping our customers reach their full potential with value-added quality products, synergetic cooperation, and support they can count on.

Core values

  • Remain focused on technological innovation and leadership
  • Always strive for quality and excellence in everything we do
  • Continue to grow our business but remain attentive to all of our customers´ wants and needs
  • Stay true to our uncompromising principles of dedication, respect, fairness, integrity and responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders alike


  • In-depth knowledge of imaging science, systems and technology
  • Ability to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs and inquiries
  • Expertise in helping customers select the best product for their application
  • Ability to quickly integrate new technologies into our products

What Sets Imperx Apart From The Competition

The first thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our innovative spirit, and our high performance, high quality and user-friendly products. But products alone are not sufficient. Over the years, we have also gained a well-deserved reputation among our customers for excellence and competency in providing productive, timely and personalized customer service and technical support. We believe in customer service. We provide our clients the opportunity to discuss their applications with our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff to help them select the ideal product for their needs.

Quality Policy

Imperx ISO certificate
Imperx management and employees are committed to utilizing the Quality Management System to continually review and improve our products and processes while using innovative technology to meet and exceed our customer’s quality, value, and service expectations, as well as to comply with external requirements in providing Digital Cameras and Imaging Solutions for industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace, geological, and security applications.

Environmental Policy

Imperx ISO certificate
Imperx is committed to environmental and social responsibility in using and continuing to improve our Environmental Management System to minimize the impact of our products and operations on the environment in terms of pollution and resource conservation, as it affects our employees, our customers, our community, and society in general. Our policy includes a commitment to compliance with all legal, governmental, regulatory, and industry requirements related to the environmental aspects of our operations and products.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Imperx condemns the ongoing conflict and resulting humanitarian disaster in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is financed in part by trade in the ores from which tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold (3TG) are derived. IMPERX is committed to contributing to the elimination from our products of 3TG that supports armed groups in the DRC or in the surrounding countries and the resulting human rights abuses that they perpetuate.