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Medical CamerasImperx manufactures CCD cameras featuring high sensitivity and high dynamic range sensors for many medical and scientific applications. With an easy to utilize, yet very powerful feature set, Imperx will help make any imaging application a success. Imperx cameras are made to work in a range of applications including inspection of tissue and cells, ophthalmological equipment and robotic surgery. With the high quality and precision of each camera, they are often utilized in both digital inspection and lab environments. IMPERX’ manufacturing process ensures every camera is precisely aligned; therefore, results are repeatable.

Imperx offers cameras available in GigE Vision® and Power over Ethernet (PoE) as the latest in common standards providing up to 100 meters of distance and Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) for larger bandwidth needs. Both of the standards provide power and data over a single cable.

Programmable Flexibility

Imperx provides selectable binning modes up to 8x independent vertical and horizontal. IMPERX also offers up to 7 ROIs for data reduction or faster readout. Each ROI can be enabled or disabled, included or excluded and programmable to any resolution to 2x2. The exposure time is easily programmable in 1 microsecond increments down to 10 microseconds up to 16 seconds.

Imaging Control

Imperx cameras feature an optimal design focused on sensor performance. The camera features pre-amplifier gain control, standard gain amplifier control from 0 to 36dB in 1024 steps and up to 3x digital gain control to provide the greatest signal enhancements with the lowest noise possible. Other camera features include digital bit shifting and dynamic transfer function corrections to make hard-to-see objects visible.

Color Sensitivity

Imperx provides several sensor options for color sensitivity. For standard low light sensitivity, Imperx has an array of EXview HAD sensors from Sony with sensitivity of .2 LUX. Our cameras also support the Sparse CFA line of sensors from TRUESENSE which offers 2x to 4x the light sensitivity compared to standard Bayer pattern color sensors.

Medical Camera Features:

  • 8, 10, 12 or 14 bit selectable output, 24-bit RGB
  • Programmable exposure with 1 µs precision
  • Auto Exposure/Auto Gain
  • 7 programmable Regions of Interest
  • Auto-iris
  • Iris, Focus, Zoom motorized lens control
  • Multiple triggering modes, PIV support
  • 12-bit LUTs
  • Auto White Balance
  • MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C
  • Up to 4 inputs, 2 outputs
  • Up to 8x horizontal & vertical binning
  • Operating temperature -40˚C to +85˚C
  • Shock > 1000g, Vibration > 100g
  • Auto Tap Balance & Pixel Correction

Imperx Line Of Medical And Scientific Cameras

(Below are the most popular cameras used for Medical and Scientific Applications.
Contact Imperx for detailed specifications on these or other camera models.)

CCD Cameras For Medical Applications

NEW Tiger Series

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ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalFPSAvailable Interfaces
T20404 MP2048 x 2048KAI-040704/3"34Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T33408 MP3296 x 2472KAI-080514/3"21Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T36408.6 MP3600 x 2400KAI-08670APS-H15Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
16 MP4880 x 3232KAI-1607035mm7.9Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T494016 MP4896 x 3264KAI-16050APS-H8.8 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T664029 MP6576 x 4384KAI-2905035mm4.9 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T664129 MP6576 x 4384KAI-2905235mm4.9Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T804043 MP8064 x 5360KAI-43140 35mm2.7Camera Link®, Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T881047 MP8856 x 5280KAI-47051645 (1.1x)3.2Camera Link® Medium
T882047 MP8856 x 5280KAI-47051645 (1.1x)6.5Camera Link® Full

Trusted Bobcat Series

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ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalFPSAvailable Interfaces
B0610VGA640 x 480KAI-0340S1/3"136GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B0620VGA640 x 480KAI-0340D1/3"259GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B10201 MP1024 x 1024KAI-010501/2"74GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B10401 MP1024 x 1024KAI-010501/2"148Camera Link® Medium
B13101.3 MP1280 x 960ICX-4451/3"39GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B13401 MP1280 x 720KAI-011501/2"169Camera Link® Medium
B14101.4 MP1360 x 1024ICX-2852/3"30GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16102 MP1620 x 1220ICX-2741/1.8"25GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16202 MP1600 x 1200KAI-20201.0"44GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16212 MP1600 x 1200KAI-020502/3"42GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16412 MP1600 x 1200KAI-020502/3"83Camera Link® Medium
B19222 MP1940 x 1460ICX-6742/3"25GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, HD-SDI, CoaXPress
B19412 MP1920 x 1080 KAI-021502/3"79Camera Link® Medium
B20204 MP2048 x 2048KAI-040224/3"20GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B20214 MP2048 x 2048KAI-040704/3"17GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B20414 MP2048 x 2048KAI-040704/3"34Camera Link® Medium
B23204 MP2336 x 1752KAI-040501.0"21GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B25105 MP2448 x 2050ICX-6552/3"9.6GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B25205 MP2448 x 2050ICX-6252/3"16.0GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B27206 MP2750 x 2200ICX-6941.0"12.7GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B27406 MP2750 x 2200ICX-6941.0"25.4Camera Link® Medium
B33208 MP3296 x 2472KAI-080504/3"10.6GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B34209 MP3388 x 2712ICX-8141.0"8.6GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B34409 MP3388 x 2712ICX-8141.0"17.2Camera Link® Medium
B402011 MP4008 x 2672KAI-1100243mm6.4GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B482116 MP4896 x 3264KAI-1605032.36mm4.2GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B484116 MP4896 x 3264KAI-1605032.36mm8.8Camera Link® Medium
B662029 MP6576 x 4384KAI-2905043mm2.4GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress

CMOS Cameras For Medical Applications

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ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalFPSAvailable Interfaces
C19202 MP1920 x 1080IMX-174 1/1.2 "603G-SDI, HD-SDI
2 MP1920 x 1080IMX-2651/2"603G-SDI, HD-SDI
C20203.1 MP2064 x 1544IMX-2551/1.8"148CameraLink®
C24205 MP2464 x 2056IMX-2502/3"97CameraLink®
6 MP2832 x 2128KAC-060401"129CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V)
C40209 MP4112 x 2176IMX-2551"57CameraLink®
12 MP4000 x 3000KAC-120404/3"67CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V)
C412012 MP4112 x 3008IMX-2531.1"42CameraLink®
C418012 MP4096 x 3072NOIP1XX012KA4/3"67CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V), GigE Vision (GigE)
C418116 MP4096 x 4096NOIP1XX016KAAPS-H50CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V), GigE Vision (GigE)
C518025 MP5120 x 5120NOIP1SXX25KAAPS-H32CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V), GigE Vision (GigE)


Imperx: A Global Manufacturer & Supplier Of Medical Imaging Cameras

Our Medical Imaging Cameras are used throughout the world, including North America, Asia (China, Korea, Japan) Europe and India. Our Medical Imaging Cameras are globally recognized for their rugged quality, high-resolution, high-speed and numerous programmable features. With 14 different output modes and numerous triggering choices, IMPERX Medical Imaging Cameras are the leading global choice for the most demanding commercial applications.

Medical Cameras For A Variety Of Industries

Imperx manufacturers rugged, heavy-duty Scientific and Medical Imaging Cameras for a variety of scientific and medical applications including surgical, dental, microscopy and endoscopy.  Our high speed CCD cameras are perfect for microscope cameras, endoscopy cameras, and many other digital scientific imaging applications. Our CCD cameras are available with resolutions up to 29 mega-pixel, and are available with a variety of interfaces, including CameraLink, Gige, and CoaXPress. Our bult-in imaging processing, built-in programmable corrections, auto-exposure, auto-gain, auto-Iris control, and programmable exposure with precision up to one microsecond make Imperx high speed CCD Industrial Cameras the global choice for commercial, industrial, and military applications.