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  • Aerial Imaging CamerasIMPERX manufactures advanced, rugged and extremely programmable cameras that are focused on the airborne market. These cameras feature a thermally optimized design, 14-bit A/D and 8, 10, 12 or 14-bit output selectable to suit the selection of 60db to 72db of dynamic range the sensors provide. Our highest resolution cameras are built with the TRUESENSE interline transfer sensors and include color, monochrome or Sparse CFA options to suit your needs. IMPERX cameras deliver worry free use with an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and shock/vibration performance of 1000G/100G. The IMPERX design is a MIL SPEC 810F product that has a MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40°C. The extremely low power and small design is effective in small spaces and has a configurable mounting design and selectable mount option to support almost any lens on the market.


    IMPERX offers several ways to have a multi-camera system communicate with flight computers and with precision methods for knowing precisely where the image was taken. By offering multiple inputs and outputs, we allow the user synchronization capabilities, IMU and GPS communication and precise control of exposure. The user can communicate with the camera with H- and V-Sync pulses to perfectly match the timing of the airborne system with other cameras. IMPERX also provides signals such as camera integrating, camera ready, center strobe pulse, trigger pass through and more for flight computer, metadata and image geo-rectification.


    IMPERX cameras feature auto exposure and auto gain designed around airborne imaging use. Since airborne imaging or mapping revolves around 1 to 2 frames per second, it is more challenging for the user to determine the intensity of the next frame. IMPERX provides a fast convergence with histogram for a smooth transition, but extremely accurate exposure/gain control. The user can define the maximum amount of exposure time for the camera to properly throttle the gain for the optimal average intensity without motion smear. The AEC and AGC algorithms allow the user to set average intensity vs. maximum intensity of the image as well as a user definable area to normalize the light intensity around.

    Image Enhancements

    IMPERX knows the most important part of airborne imaging is the ability to identify what is being imaged. IMPERX cameras have 12-bit look up tables to allow the user to configure the contrast of the image to suit their needs. Whether the user needs simple single knee point corrections through complex 3d LUTs, the camera will do the adjustments on-board. In addition to the advanced look up tables, the camera will handle color adjustments and real time auto white balance, flat field correction and noise correction. For extreme users, IMPERX features digital bit shifting to provide the location of the most significant bits.
  • IMPERX manufacturers rugged, heavy-duty Aerial Mapping Cameras for a variety of industrial, manufacturing & business applications, including optical inspection, LCD inspection (Dead Pixel cameras), Line scan, medical imaging (endoscopy, microscopes), military, aerial mapping. Our high resolution CCD cameras are available with resolutions up to 29 mega-pixel, and are available with a variety of interfaces, including CameraLink, Gige, and CoaXPress. Our bult-in imaging processing, built-in programmable corrections, auto-exposure, auto-gain, auto-Iris control, and programmable exposure with precision up to one microsecond make IMPERX high speed CCD Industrial Cameras the global choice for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Camera Features:

  • 8, 10, 12 or 14 bit selectable output, 24-bit RGB
  • Programmable exposure with 1 µs precision
  • Auto Exposure/Auto Gain
  • 7 programmable Regions of Interest
  • Auto-iris
  • Iris, Focus, Zoom motorized lens control
  • Multiple triggering modes, PIV support
  • 12-bit LUTs
  • Auto White Balance
  • MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C
  • Up to 4 inputs, 2 outputs
  • Up to 8x horizontal & vertical binning
  • Operating temperature -40˚C to +85˚C
  • Shock > 1000g, Vibration > 100g
  • Auto Tap Balance & Pixel Correction
All Bobcats share the same feature set meant for Aerial Imaging. The most popular cameras used for Aerial Applications are listed below.
Contact IMPERX for detailed specifications on these or other camera models.


Aerial Mapping & Persistent Surveillance Cameras

NEW Tiger Series

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ModelTypeSensorResolutionMegapixelOpticalSensor OptionFPSAvailable Interfaces
T6640CCDKAI-290506576 x 438429 MP43.3mmM, C, T-CFA4.9 fpsCamera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T6641CCDKAI-290526576 x 438429 MP43.3mmM, C, T-CFA-E4.9 fpsCamera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
CCDKAI-160704880 x 323216 MP43.3mmM, C, T-CFA7.9 fpsCamera Link® Medium, CoaXPress

Other CCD Cameras

Model Megapixels Resolution Sensor Optical Frame Rate (FPS)
B1942 2 MP HD 1940 x 1460 ICX-674 2/3" 54
B2020 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04022 4/3" 20
B2021 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04070 4/3" 17
B2041 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04070 4/3" 34
B2740 6 MP 2750 x 2200 ICX-694 1.0" 25.4
B3320 8 MP 3296 x 2472 KAI-08050 4/3" 10.6
B3340 8 MP 3296 x 2472 KAI-08050 4/3" 21
B3440 9 MP 3388 x 2712 ICX-814 1.0" 17.2
B4820 16 MP 4872 x 3248 KAI-16000 43.3mm 4.2
B4821 16 MP 4896 x 3264 KAI-16050 32.36mm 4.2
B4841 16 MP 4896 x 3264 KAI-16050 32.36mm 8.8
B4822 16 MP 4864 x 3232 KAI-16070 43.2mm 4.1
B4842 16 MP 4864 x 3232 KAI-16070 43.2mm 7.9
B6620 29 MP 6576 x 4384 KAI-29050 43.3mm 2.4
B6640 29 MP 6576 x 4384 KAI-29050 43.3mm 4.7



Model Megapixels Resolution Sensor Optical Frame Rate (FPS)
B1310 1.3 MP 1280 x 960 ICX-445 1/3" 39
B1410 1.4 MP 1360 x 1024 ICX-285 2/3" 30
B1620 2 MP 1600 x 1200 KAI-2020 1.0" 44
B1921 2 MP HD 1920 x 1080 KAI-02150 2/3" 39
B1922 2 MP HD 1940 x 1460 ICX-674 2/3" 25
B2510 5 MP 2448 x 2050 ICX-655 2/3" 9.6
B2520 5 MP 2448 x 2050 ICX-625 2/3" 16
B2720 6 MP 2750 x 2200 ICX-694 1.0" 12.7
B3420 9 MP 3388 x 2712 ICX-814 1.0" 8.6

CMOS Cameras

Note: Slide screen to see all options
ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalSensor Options*Dynamic RangeFPSAvailable InterfacesSpec Sheets
ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalSensor* OptionDynamic RangeFPSAvailable InterfacesSpec Sheets
C19202 MP1920 x 1080Sony Pregius IMX-174 1/1.2 "M, CGS: 73 dB603G-SDI, HD-SDIfile-pdf 3G-SDI
2 MP1920 x 1080IMX-265½”M, CGS: 71 dB603G-SDI, HD-SDIfile-pdf 3G-SDI
C20203.1 MP2064 x 1544Sony Pregius IMX-2551/1.8"M, CGS: 71 dB148CLF-Camera Link®file-pdf Camera Link
C24205 MP2464 x 2056Sony Pregius IMX-2502/3"M, CGS: 71 dB97CLF-Camera Link®file-pdf Camera Link
6 MP2832 x 2128KAC-060401"M, CGS: 56 dB
RS: 72 dB
HDR: 100 dB
129Camera Link®, PoCL
USB3 Vision (U3V)
file-pdf Camera Link
C40209 MP4112 x 2176Sony Pregius IMX-2551"M, CGS: 71 dB57CLF-Camera Link®file-pdf Camera Link
12 MP4000 x 3000KAC-120404/3"M, CGS: 56 dB
RS: 72 dB
HDR: 100 dB
67Camera Link®, PoCL
USB3 Vision (U3V)
file-pdf Camera Link
file-pdf USB3 (U3V)
C412012 MP4112 x 3008Sony Pregius IMX-2531.1"M, CGS: 71 dB42CLF-Camera Link®file-pdf Camera Link
C418012 MP4096 x 3072Python NOIP1XX012KA4/3"M, C, ENIRGS: 59 dB67Camera Link®, PoCL
USB3 Vision (U3V)
file-pdf Camera Link
file-pdf USB3 (U3V)
C418116 MP4096 x 4096Python NOIP1XX016KAAPS-HM, C, ENIRGS: 59 dB50Camera Link®, PoCL
USB3 Vision (U3V)
file-pdf Camera Link
file-pdf USB3 (U3V)
C518025 MP5120 x 5120Python NOIP1SXX25KAAPS-HM, C, ENIRGS: 59 dB32Camera Link®, PoCL
USB3 Vision (USB3)
GigE Vision (GigE)
file-pdf Camera Link
file-pdf U3V
file-pdf GigE

IMPERX: A Global Manufacturer & Supplier Of Aerial Mapping Cameras

Our Aerial Mapping Cameras are used throughout the world, including North America, Asia (China, Korea, Japan) Europe and India. Our Aerial Mapping Cameras are globally recognized for their rugged quality, high-resolution, high-speed and numerous programmable features. With 14 different output modes and numerous triggering choices, IMPERX Aerial Mapping Cameras are the leading global choice for the most demanding commercial applications.