Imperx Releases 16 MP, 20.4 MP, and 24.6 MP Cheetah CoaXPress Cameras with Sony Pregius S™ Gen 4 Image Sensors

Imperx’s new digital CMOS cameras employ SONY 4th generation Pregius S image sensors with Dual ADC feature for HDR imaging and short interframe time for PIV applications.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA – July 14, 2022 

- Imperx, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of ruggedized cameras, industrial cameras and imaging systems, announces the release of the new low-power Cheetah CMOS cameras featuring the Sony Pregius S image sensors. The cameras feature a Dual ADC mode with tone compression  providing high dynamic range by combining high gain and low gain images acquired on the same frame. The resulting 12-bit HDR images provides improved  clarity in images with high contrast. The camera also supports Imperx “Double Trigger” mode with an interframe time of ~100 ns and frame rates greater than 30 frames (15 double frames) per second making the camera especially attractive for PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) measurements and studies. The cameras also support 2x2 binning to facilitate use with existing optics. The Pregius S technology uses a stacked backside-illuminated (BSI) pixel structure offering reduced pixel size of 2.74 µm, increased blue quantum efficiency, and improved sensitivity when using fast lenses. Sony’s global shutter technology combined with BSI pixels provides distortion-free images of fast-moving objects while the BSI pixel architecture improves charge capacity so despite the smaller pixel size, SNR is comparable to Sony Generation 2 Pregius sensors. In addition, the new cameras have total power dissipation under 5 Watts and can be passively cooled simplifying maintenance and camera installation while also reducing your overall camera power budget. The cameras are rated for operation from -30 °C to +75 °C. The new Cheetah CXP-C5341, CXP-C4540, CXP-C5340 cameras are available in resolutions of 16 MP, 20.4 MP, and 24.6 MP and use the industry leading Sony Pregius S IMX532, IMX531, and IMX530 global shutter CMOS image sensors with frame rates up to 69.5 fps and CoaXPress output. This powerful design translates to high desirability in many industrial applications including particle image velocimetry, aerospace, satellites, aerial imaging, surveillance, PCB inspection, machine vision, and many more demanding applications. Key Features Include:

  • CoaXPress output (Dual CXP-6) with Power over CoaXPress
  • Sony Pregius S image sensors IMX530, IMX531, and IMX532
  • HDR imaging (Dual ADC)
  • Short interframe time of ~100 ns in PIV mode
  • Low power consumption of 4.8 W @ 12 V, 25 °C
  • 16 MP, 20.4 MP, and 24.6 MP resolutions available
  • Industrial grade components provide a wide operational temperature range:
  • -30 °C to +75 °C
  • High shock and vibration tolerance: 20G (20 – 200 Hz XYZ) / 100G
  • Quality manufacturing: ISO 9001:2015

CXP-C4540-T CXP-C5340 CXP-C5341

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