Imperx - Industrial Cameras

Imperx cameras includes a wide spectrum of cameras from VGA to 2 megapixel and higher. Our small resolution cameras are optimized for the standard machine vision to the most demanding applications. Don't let our cameras tiny design fool you, this powerful imaging tool is capable of integrating with any PLC, provides pre-processing to assist any software and has a dual clock design to gain more speed and efficiency. IMPERX cameras are available in Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision®) with Power over Ethernet (PoE) as the latest in common standards providing up to 100 meters of distance and Camera Link® with Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) for larger bandwidth needs. Both of the standards provide power and data over a single cable.

Programmable I/O’s

Imperx cameras have 4 inputs and 2 outputs, which are completely configurable for any application. IMPERX cameras have been designed to easily integrate into any factory line with features such as programmable delay of trigger, programmable amount of exposures per trigger, delay of trigger and/or strobe, alternating exposures and more. This type of programmability allows for easy integration even in the most challenging production lines.

Extended Temperature Range/Lifespan

Imperx cameras are manufactured with industrial grade components, which provide confidence that the cameras will always be running. Many Machine Vision applications require rugged components that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments. IMPERX cameras have an MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C. This certification provides the security that a production line will not stop due to the camera failing. In addition, OEMs can be reassured that support will not be required due to the camera whether around the block or on the other side of the world.

Fast Acquisition

IMPERX has included an overclocked mode, which will provide a speed improvement of 20%. Our cameras also include multiple Regions of Interest for the ability to increase the speed by removing the region or regions that do not need to be imaged. With multiple ROI's, the camera is capable of increasing the overall data rate by not sending unwanted data. There are 7 programmable ROIs that can image an area as small as 2x2 to the entire imager. Lastly, with 'Fast Triggering Mode,' the camera can trigger at the full frame rate for perfect synchronization.

industrial vision cameras

Camera Features

  • 8, 10, 12 or 14 bit selectable output, 24-bit RGB
  • Programmable exposure with 1 µs precision
  • Auto Exposure/Auto Gain
  • 7 programmable Regions of Interest
  • Auto-iris
  • Iris, Focus, Zoom motorized lens control
  • Multiple triggering modes, PIV support
  • 12-bit LUTs
  • Auto White Balance
  • MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C
  • Up to 4 inputs, 2 outputs
  • Up to 8x horizontal & vertical binning
  • Operating temperature -40˚C to +85˚C
  • Shock > 1000g, Vibration > 100g
  • Auto Tap Balance & Pixel Correction

Imperx Line Of Machine Vision and Inspection Cameras

(Below are the most popular cameras used for Machine Vision, Automation and Inspection Systems.
Contact IMPERX for detailed specifications on these or other camera models.)

CCD Cameras For Machine Vision Systems

NEW Tiger Series

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ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalFPSAvailable Interfaces
16 MP4880 x 3232KAI-1607035mm7.9 fpsCamera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T664029 MP6576 x 4384KAI-2905035mm4.9 fpsCamera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T664129 MP6576 x 4384KAI-2905235mm4.9 fpsCamera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T804043 MP8064 x 5360KAI-4314035mm2.7Camera Link®, Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress

Trusted Bobcat Series

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ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalFPSAvailable Interfaces
B0610VGA640 x 480KAI-0340S1/3"136GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B0620VGA640 x 480KAI-0340D1/3"259GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B10201 MP1024 x 1024KAI-010501/2"74GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B10401 MP1024 x 1024KAI-010501/2"148Camera Link® Medium
B13101.3 MP1280 x 960ICX-4451/3"39GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B13201 MP1280 x 720KAI-011501/2"85 GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, HD-SDI, CoaXPress
B13401 MP1280 x 720KAI-011501/2"169Camera Link® Medium
B14101.4 MP1360 x 1024ICX-2852/3"30GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B14111.4 MP1360 x 1024ICX-2671/2"31GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16102 MP1620 x 1220ICX-2741/1.8"25GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16202 MP1600 x 1200KAI-20201.0"44GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B16212 MP1600 x 1200KAI-020502/3"42GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B23204 MP2336 x 1752KAI-040501.0"21GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B25105 MP2448 x 2050ICX-6552/3"9.6GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B25205 MP2448 x 2050ICX-6252/3"16.0GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B34209 MP3388 x 2712ICX-8141.0"8.6GigE, PoE, Camera Link® Base, CoaXPress
B34409 MP3388 x 2712ICX-8141.0"17.2Camera Link® Medium

CMOS Cameras For Machine Vision Systems & Vision Systems

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ModelMegapixelResolutionSensorOpticalFPSAvailable Interfaces
C19202 MP1920 x 1080IMX-174 1/1.2 "603G-SDI, HD-SDI
3 MP2064 x 1544IMX-2651/1.8"36PoE
2 MP1920 x 1080IMX-2651/2"603G-SDI, HD-SDI
C20203.1 MP2064 x 1544IMX-2551/1.8"148CameraLink®
C24005 MP2464 x 2056IMX-2642/3”22PoE
C24205 MP2464 x 2056IMX-2502/3"97CameraLink®
6 MP2832 x 2128KAC-060401"129CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V)
C40209 MP4112 x 2176IMX-2551"57CameraLink®
12 MP4000 x 3000KAC-120404/3"67CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V)
C412012 MP4112 x 3008IMX-2531.1"42CameraLink®
C418012 MP4096 x 3072NOIP1XX012KA4/3"67CameraLink®, PoCL, USB3 (U3V), GigE Vision (GigE)
C519025 MP5120 x 5120NOIP1SXX25KAAPS-H804-channel CXP-6, CoaXPress®
641031 MP6464 x 4852IMX-342APS-C3.7GigE Vision® (GigE) w/ PoE
642031 MP6464 x 4852IMX-342APS-C17Camera Link®, CoaXPress, 10G GigE Vision® (10G

Imperx: A Global Manufacturer & Supplier Of Machine Vision Cameras

Imperx manufacturers rugged, heavy-duty machine vision cameras for a variety of industrial, manufacturing & business applications. Our high resolution CCD cameras are used in many video and optical machine systems for area scan, LCD inspection, machine vision systems, computer vision, automation systems, robotic vision and any other industrial vision system. Our cameras are available with resolutions up to 29 mega-pixel, and with a variety of interfaces, including CameraLink, Gige, and CoaXPress. Our bult-in imaging processing, built-in programmable corrections, auto-exposure, auto-gain, auto-Iris control, and programmable exposure with precision up to one microsecond make Imperx high speed CCD Industrial Cameras the global choice for commercial, industrial, and military applications.