OEM & Custom Cameras

Customization  Individual solutions for your application

Sometimes applications are so specific that their requirements cannot be met by an off-the-shelf camera.

At IMPERX, we want you to find the best camera solution for your need.

Any standard-off the shelf IMPERX product can be adapted to meet your exact application needs. From small, low-cost tweaks and modifications, to complete made-to-spec solutions.  Partner with IMPERX to create an imaging solution that's right for you.

Your tailor-made camera

If what you need is to design your own camera from scratch, IMPERX is your partner of choice. Our R&D departments are experienced in managing complex development projects for demanding OEM customers worldwide. Applications include 3D scanning, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment and many more.
Whatever challenges you may be facing with your machine vision system -

At IMPERX, there is no such thing as "it won't work".

Adapting our cameras to your needs

Our engineers make sure the custom camera adapts to your application. Tell us the hardware or firmware modifications you need – whether a special housing, a different interface architecture, specific triggering functionalities or whatever specific requirements you may have. Modifying cameras is what IMPERX does.

Environmental Enclosures

IMPERX offers HD-SDI cameras that custom housing for airborne imaging applications. In the available IP 69 housing, the cameras will operate in wet conditions and distances up to 60,000 ft. altitude. These cameras are perfect for use in aviation, aerial imaging or in areas where temperature and weather is constantly changing.

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