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IMPERX Custom Imaging Solutions team can assist in solving your most challenging imaging applications.

With over thirteen years of experience in designing and manufacturing cameras and frame grabbers for industrial, medical, military and aerospace applications, IMPERX provides cost effective solutions that fulfill your needs.

IMPERX specializes in custom camera and frame grabber designs, firmware and software for a total solution. Our extensive, continuously evolving product lines, gives our engineering team a base from which they can quickly deliver your custom product.

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The unique Bobcat 2.0 “FLEX” camera architecture allows the internal boards to be separated by up to 10 inches for use in oddly configured or space constrained applications. The FLEX converts any Bobcat 2.0 into a high performance, remote head camera. The FLEX retains all of the Bobcat 2.0 programmable features and preserves the MIL-SPEC 810F integrity, MTBF of > 660,000 hours @ 40°C (Telecordia SR-332) and operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C. FLEX custom imaging solution 3in
Environmental Enclosure
IMPERX Bobcat 2.0 CCD HD-SDI cameras can now be developed in a housing for airborne imaging applications. In the available IP 69 housing, the cameras will operate in wet conditions and distances up to 60,000 ft. altitude.These cameras are perfect for use in aviation, aerial imaging or in areas where temperature and weather is constantly changing. Environmental Enclosure custom imaging solution 3inView the Spec Sheet.

IMPERX has many years of customizing imaging products from firmware to form factor to designing new products. Contact us to review your custom requirements, [email protected] or +1 561-989-0006