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ICL-B4842 CCD Camera
The B4842 is an advanced high-speed progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera designed for imaging applications that require high quality images with powerful features and flexibility.

The camera has a small size, light weight, and is built around the TRUESENSE KAI-16070 Interline Transfer CCD image sensor which provides an image resolution of 4864 x 3232 and delivers up to 7.9 frames per second with a 43.2mm optical format. B4842 is available with Camera Link® Medium output.


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  • ResolutionSpecification
    Resolution4864 x 3232
    Maximum Resolution4880 x 3256
    SensorKAI-16070, CCD
    Sensor Format43.2mm optical format
    InterfacesCamera Link® Medium
    Frame Rate Standard Clock30 MHz, 5.9 fps
    Frame Rate Overclocked40 MHz, 7.9 fps
    Output FormatMono CCD: 8, 10, 12
    Color CCD: 8, 10, 12
    Gain ControlPreamplifier, standard (0-36dB), digital
    OffsetAnalog and digital
    RGB Gain and OffsetManual
    Shutter Speed1/125,000 to 1/8 sec (nom)
    Exposure ControlManual, auto, external
    Double Trigger (PIV) Interframe200 nanoseconds
    External Inputs/Outputs2 IN, 2 OUT
    Strobe Output2 strobes, programmable position and duration
    Internal DDR Memory2Gb (256 MB)
    Vibration, Shock100g (20-200) HZ XYZ, 1000g
    Environmental-40˚C to +85˚C Operating, -50˚C to +90˚C Storage
    MTBF> 660,000 hours @ 40˚C
    RegulatoryFCC 15 part A, CE, RoHS
    • Auto exposure (with programmable limits)
    • Auto gain (with programmable limits)
    • Programmable area to normalize on
    • Auto iris (video type)
    • Motorized lens control (zoom, focus, iris)
    • Auto white balance (Bayer Color or TRUESENSE Sparse CFA)
    • Binning (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x) Independent H & V
    • Up to 7 programmable ROIs
    • Double triggering (PIV)
    • Image overlay (programmable/optical center)
    • Image enhancements
      • Threshold
      • Contrast enhancement
      • Knee-point corrections
      • Horizontal and vertical flip
      • Negative image
      • Bit shift (+/- 7 places)
    • Two 12-bit look-up tables
    • 6 selectable triggering modes
    • 16 selectable output modes
  • User Manual and Application Notes are available on the product download page.
  • To create your own custom Bobcat ordering code, simply choose one element from each column.
    Sample Ordering Code: CLM-B4842M-TF

    InterfaceCamera NumberSensor TypeSensor ManufacturerLens Mount
    CLM – Camera Link® MediumB4842M – MonochromeT – TRUESENSEF – F
    C – ColorM – M42 Screw
    T – TRUESENSE Sparse CFAE – Passive EOS
    R – Rodenstock

    For additional features including, no cover glass, tape cover glass, micro lens options as well as filter options, contact IMPERX: +1-561-989-0006 or [email protected]

  • Power Supply
    PS12V04A – 12 Power Supply (GEV, CLB, CLM and SDI)
    PS12V05 – Auto iris video type (GEV, CLB, CLM and SDI)

    CBL-PWIO01: Cable Power; Hirose 12p (F) to loose end; 2m – Camera Power Hirose Connection
    CBL-GPIO02: Cable I/O; 12 Hirose (M) to DB15 (M); 0,5m – Camera Lens Control
  • Software updates are available on the product download page.
IMPERX manufacturers a full line of industrial CCD cameras for machine vision, imaging, broadcasting, traffic and inspection cameras. See our full line of GigE Vision©, PoE, Camera Link©, HD-SDI and CoaXPress CCD Cameras.