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IP67-C-Mount-Lens-Tubes-webThe hermetically sealed IP67 C-mount lens tubes protect your lens against the ingress of water, dust, sand and other contaminants. Easy-to clean front clear glass covered with oleophobic coating is resistant to fingerprints, smudges and scratches.

IMPERX offers lens tubes of 44 mm and 64 mm inner diameters and variable lengths for use with Cheetah P67 GigE Vision® with PoE cameras. With the IP67 lens tube and cables attached, the camera withstands submersion under the water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Technical Drawings:

IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, inner diameter 44 mm

Part Number Inner Length L1* Outer Length L2
Tube-0044-0055 (default) 55 mm 69 mm

IP67 C-Mount Lens Tube, inner diameter 64 mm

Part Number Inner Length L1* Outer Length L2
Tube-0064-0080 (default) 80 mm 95 mm

*Custom Tube Lengths are available, please contact your local distributor or IMPERX sales

Exploded View

Compatible Cameras

Specification P67-C1911 P67-C2010 P67-C2410 P67-C3210 P67-C4010 P67-C4110
Sony Sensor Model IMX429 IMX265 IMX264 IMX428 IMX267 IMX304
Resolution (MP) 2.86 3 5 7 9 12
Resolution (H x V) 1944 x 1472 2064 x 1544 2464 x 2056 3216 x 2208 4112 x 2176 4112 x 3008
Pixel Size (microns) 4.5 3.45 3.45 4.5 3.45 3.45
Optical format 2/3" 1/1.8" 2/3" 1.1" 1" 1.1"
Type (Color/Mono) C, M C, M C, M C, M C, M C, M
Frame Rate (Max) 40 36 22 16 13 9
Dynamic Range (dB) 73 71 71 77 71 71
Environmental Operating: -30 °C to +75 °C (-40 °C to +85 °C tested). Storage: -40 °C to +85 °C


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  • FeatureTube-0044-0055Tube-0064-0080
    Inner DiameterØ 44 mmØ 64 mm
    Outer DiameterØ 50 mmØ 70 mm
    Inner Length*55 mm80 mm
    Outer Length69 mm95 mm
    Protective GlassClear Glass Ø 49 mm x 2 mm, with oleophobic coatingClear Glass Ø 69 mm x 2 mm, with oleophobic coating
    Housing MaterialAluminumAluminum
  • When ordering a P67 camera, please specify the camera ordering code and select an IP67 lens tube that matches the size of your lens.

    Part NumberInner DiameterInner Length*
    Tube-0044-0055Ø 44 mm55 mm
    Tube-0064-0080Ø 64 mm80 mm

    *Custom Tube Lengths are available, please contact your local distributor or IMPERX sales at +1-561-989-0006 or [email protected]

    To create your own customer Cheetah ordering code, simply choose one element from each column. Sample Ordering Code: P67-C2010M-RC000 – 3 MP, Monochrome, Ruggedized, C-Mount Lens, No filter/customization option selected (000 (default) means that a color camera has IR filter installed and a monochrome camera has no filter).

    InterfaceCamera NumberSensor TypeEnvironmentalCustomization Code
    P67 – GigE Vision® with Power over Ethernet
    (in IP67-rated enclosure)
    C1911 (2.86 MP)
    C2010 (3 MP)
    C2410 (5 MP)
    C3210 (7.1 MP)
    C4010 (9 MP)
    C4110 (12 MP)
    C – Color
    M – Monochrome
    R-Ruggedized (Standard)Lens Mount
    C – C-Mount

    For additional features, including filter options, contact IMPERX: +1-561-989-0006 or [email protected]