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IMPERX manufactures high performance cameras for industrial, military, medical and municipal applications. Combining extensive, easy-use features with the best CCD and CMOS sensors, IMPERX cameras are available in resolutions from VGA to 29 MP. Designed to perform to the highest standards in harsh environments, the extended operating temperature is -40˚C to +85˚C with a MTBF > 660,000 hours @ 40˚C. IMPERX camera outputs: GigE Vision®, PoE, Camera Link®, CoaXPress and HD-SDI.

IMPERX leads the frame grabber market and was the first to introduce Camera Link®, HD-SDI and full analog video streaming to laptop computers. IMPERX laptop and desktop frame grabbers feature “Self-Learn” software, and advancement that eliminated the need for camera configuration files.


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    • CCD Cameras

      Industrial CCD cameras from VGA to 29 megapixel in many output options

      CCD Cameras

      Bobcat 2.0 is the latest line in extremely programmable, high quality, low noise CCD cameras with a high density FPGA for hundreds of programmable features. The latest generation of cameras from IMPERX include, 8, 10, 12 or 14-bit output, four inputs and two outputs, dual clock design for a faster frame rate and GigE Vision®, PoE, HD-SDI, CameraLink®, Power over CameraLink® (PoCL) or CoaXPress for the most demanding applications.

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    • CMOS Cameras

      Highly Configurable CMOS Cameras To Handle Multiple Jobs

      CMOS Cameras

      IMPERX high performance CMOS Cameras boast very fast frame rates, high resolution, low noise, wide dynamic range, excellent near-infrared sensitivity, and an extremely flexible architecture so one camera can do multiple jobs. These highly configurable cameras are intended not only for machine vision, but also surveillance, reconnaissance, aerospace and traffic/transportation systems. With virtually limitless capabilities, our Cheetah Line of CMOS cameras can meet even the most demanding requirements.

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    • LED Lights

      IMPERX LED Lighting provides easy-to-use lighting solutions.

      LED Lights

      IMPERX high performance LED Lighting provides easy-to-use integrated lighting solutions with power and cabling options to handle even your most demanding industrial application requirements. Lighting options include ring light or bar light configurations with choice of LED colors, lens angle, and diffuser. Illumination levels can be set manually via an external rotary switch or controlled remotely via TTL input using pulse width modulation. Flash (strobed) operation is also supported for high speed inspection applications. Each LED Lighting solution can be used stand-alone or seamlessly integrated with IMPERX cameras to reduce system installation and integration time. The LED Power over Ethernet (PoE)...

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    • Frame Grabbers

      Laptop and desktop frame grabbers in HD-SDI, CameraLink® and Analog

      Frame Grabbers

      IMPERX digital and analog frame grabbers are designed to work with desktops, laptops, SBCs, PDAs and other mobile vision systems. Our frame grabbers are available in PCIe x1 and x4, ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 and Cardbus with performance and versatility required for the most demanding imaging applications. A full software suite including drivers for many common software applications, SDK and IMPERX snap/grab application is provided with all models.

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    • Custom Imaging Solutions

      IMPERX provides custom imaging solutions for a variety of needs.

      Custom Imaging Solutions

      IMPERX Custom Imaging Solutions assist in managing complex imaging processes. Our solutions provide intelligent cameras and software applications to consumers not able to use off-the-shelf product. Whatever the challenge, we have the knowledge, ability and experience to develop tailored solutions for OEMs, industrial, commercial, military and aerospace customers.

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  • CoaXPress Cameras...

    CoaXPress is the latest in high speed data transmission from 6.25 gigabits per second per cable and up to 31.25 gigabits per second using multiple cablesMore...

    GigE Vision® Cameras...

    GigE Vision® is perfect for many vision applications due to the inexpensive Cat5e or Cat6 cabling with up to 100 meters, 120 Mbytes per second and lack of frame grabber needed.More...

    PoE Cameras...

    The latest version of GigE/GigE Vision includes power over the cabling to reduce the need for extra cables and can simplify any system design.More...

    HD-SDI Cameras...

    HD-SDI is a broadcast standard which is a dedicated real-time connection utilizing thousands of off the shelf componentsMore...

    Camera Link® Cameras...

    Camera Link® is a high speed serial interface with a proven track record to capture or even process the video in real-timeMore...

    Power Over Ethernet Cameras
    Camera Link Cameras
    HD-SDI Cameras
    GigE Vision Cameras
    CoaxPress Cameras
    Camera Link Cameras
  • IMPERX Industrial Cameras

    IMPERX manufacturers the highest quality industrial CCD and CCD Exview HAD video cameras for industrial vision inspection and machine vision systems, including circuit board cameras, computer vision cameras, robotic image cameras, assembly line and product inspection cameras, flat panel & LCD inspection cameras, and cameras for many other optical inspection applications.

    Rugged, Reliable Cameras For Industrial and Commercial Applications

    Our rugged, heavy duty cameras are used in a variety of industries including security, surveillance, broadcasting, entertainment, medical (endoscopy, microscope and microscopy cameras), scientific imaging ccd cameras (telescope and astronomy cameras), aerial imaging cameras and military cameras (Uav & drone cameras). Our cameras are also found in the transportation industry for traffic cameras, railroad cameras and red light cameras. We are also a leading manufacturer of custom cameras.

    Options To Suit Your Needs

    Our cameras are available in many resolutions: from VGA resolution to our 29 megapixels super high resolution camera and with speeds from 2 fps to over 250 fps. All come with full software support and are available in a variety of interfaces including HD-SDI, Power over Ethernet PoE, Camera Link®, GigE Vision® and Coaxpress cameras. They are available with a variety of sensors including monochrome, color, and TrueSense Sparse CFA.

    Please contact us to see how IMPERX can deliver reliable, cost-effective imaging solutions for your commercial, industrial or municipal application

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IMPERX Introduces PUMA 2MP Day/Night Camera...

April 15th, 2016

IMPERX, Inc. a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and military cameras is excited to announce their new PUMA 2MP High Definition (1080P) Day/Night camera based up(Read More...)